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Elevate Your Home Organization with High Sierra Cabinets' Premier Closet Systems in Virginia Foothills, VA

A Luxurious Walk-in Closet Designed for Style and Functionality, Perfectly Organized in a Stunning Combination of Teal and White Colors, with Spacious Closet Space and Modern Closet Systems

Transforming your home into an epitome of organization and efficiency is more than a luxury—it’s a lifestyle change that High Sierra Cabinets is eager to facilitate. 

Specializing in bespoke closet systems, we partner with renowned brands to deliver exceptional storage solutions tailored to every corner of your home.

Leveraging over a decade of design and installation expertise, High Sierra Cabinets stands as your trusted partner in Virginia Foothills, offering creativity, excellence, and a commitment to transforming your home into a sanctuary of order and style. 

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we guarantee solutions that effortlessly blend with your lifestyle and decor.

modern closet system, open shelves closet system with lights and clothes inside

Transform Your Space with High Sierra Cabinets, Where Customization Meets Elegance

Transform your home with High Sierra Cabinets, where we blend innovation with customization to create:

Take the first step towards a beautifully organized home by contacting High Sierra Cabinets at (775) 242-6405. Discover how our closet systems can revolutionize your space and bring harmony to your daily life.

Showcasing Our Commitment to Excellence in Kitchen Design

Explore our portfolio to witness the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality, a testament to our design philosophy:


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Rave Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Our clients’ stories reflect our dedication to excellence in home organization solutions:


C Sunshine


Worked with Travis on our project. Polite, professional, and proficient. Qualities we look for in a company. He was with us from start to finish. Answered all of our questions in a timely manner and made us feel comfortable throughout the project. Recommend giving them a call for your next project!


Ena Develine


Awesome guy! Professionalism at its finest. Very easy to talk to, intelligible and down to earth. Has a vast variety of “handy man” skills and always open to tackle a project.

A jack of all trades. Observant and honest about handling his projects and clients with care.

Also a family man with the sweetest wife and son! Pleased to be around such dedication and hard work.

new modern closet systems, cream and white tones
new modern closet system, walk-in closet with open shelves

Closet System Solutions Tailored for Every Need in Virginia Foothills, VA

Walk-In Closets

Upgrade your daily routine with brand new cabinets designed to keep your walk-in closet organized. These cabinets tidy up your clothing collection and safeguard your shoe assortment, ensuring everything stays in its rightful place.

Reach-In Closets

Even in the confined space of a reach-in closet, a fresh set of cabinets can work wonders. Easily organize even the smallest closets with dedicated compartments for shirts, accessories, or lingerie, ensuring every item has its own designated spot.

Wardrobe Closets

Say goodbye to the days of double ironing and endless sweater rummaging. Our drawer and cabinet solutions transform your wardrobe closet, keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and allowing you to effortlessly locate your favorite pieces.

Kids Closets

Spare yourself the 10-hour weekly chase of getting your kids ready by streamlining their closet organization. Our cabinets cater to their needs, making it a breeze for them to select their favorite outfits and accessories.

Kitchen Pantries

Say goodbye to expired ingredients languishing in inaccessible pantry corners. Optimize pantry visibility and storage conditions with our cabinets and storage solutions, reducing food and money waste while keeping your ingredients and spices easily accessible.

Linen Cabinets

Indulge in the luxury of climbing into bed with fresh-scented linens every night. Our tailored cabinet solutions protect your linens from mold and mildew, ensuring they smell amazing and remain allergen-free for as long as you need.

Understanding the Costs of Custom Closet Systems in Virginia Foothills, VA

Project Average Cost Includes
Build a new custom closet in a room $1,500 - $4,500* Framing, drywall, painting, flooring, and lighting
Add custom storage to a closet $400 - $8,000 Building a custom shelving system or installing a custom closet organizer
Standard remodel of an existing closet $500 - $2,500 Installing a prefab closet organizer and painting
Install a built-in wardrobe closet $1,500 - $4,500 Install a built-in cabinet with rods and shelves for storage
Add a freestanding wardrobe $1,000 - $3,000 Standalone unit – not a closet

Costs of Closet Systems By Type

Closet Type Average Cost to Build
Walk-in closet $1,000 - $8,000
Reach-in closet $500 - $3,800
Built-in wardrobe closet $1,500 - $4,500
Freestanding wardrobe closet $1,000 - $3,000

For a detailed, personalized quote that aligns with your specific project needs, contact High Sierra Cabinets at (775) 242-6405. Let us craft a solution that is as stunning as it is practical, without any hidden costs.

Factors Influencing Your Closet System Investment

Here’s what affects the budget for your closet systems:

Cabinet Choice

Select from our range of budget-friendly to premium options.

Design Complexity

From simple solutions to complex customizations, design details affect your investment.

Materials and Finishes

Choose from classic woods to modern materials, each impacting cost.

Special Features

Dreaming of a shoe carousel or a hidden laundry hamper? Additional features can enhance your space and budget.

Rest Easy, High Sierra Cabinets Has You Covered

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results within your budget and timeline is what sets us apart. 

Let’s dive deeper into how we make this possible, ensuring that your journey with us is smooth, efficient, and perfectly aligned with your expectations.


At High Sierra Cabinets, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and functional home, regardless of budget constraints. 

By carefully selecting materials and design options that offer the best value for your investment, we ensure that your project meets your aesthetic and functional needs without breaking the bank.


We respect that your time is precious, and the thought of a home renovation project dragging on can be daunting. 

Our experienced team coordinates every aspect of the project, from initial design to final installation, ensuring that each phase progresses smoothly and according to schedule.

Experience Effortless Closet System Installation with High Sierra Cabinets



Collaborate with our designers to bring your vision to life.



Rely on our expert team for a smooth, efficient installation.
Remodeled kitchen with marble countertops and navy kitchen cabinets.



Revel in the functionality and beauty of your new space!

FAQs About Custom Closet Systems with High Sierra Cabinets

Investing in new closet systems offers an impressive 56% ROI. Should you decide to sell in the future, well-designed closets can serve as a compelling selling point.
From entryway cabinets for coats and shoes to mudroom solutions for clean linens, the possibilities are endless. Our cabinets can be seamlessly integrated into any room, maximizing both functionality and aesthetics.
The installation timeline varies depending on your chosen cabinets. Some, like the 1300 Series from Bellmont, can be shipped in as little as 5 days. The sooner we have the materials, the sooner we can enhance your space.
While we specialize in brands like Bellmont and Covered Bridge Cabinetry, we’re open to accommodating your preferences. If you have a specific brand in mind, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Our dedicated in-house designer is here to collaborate with you, offering expert guidance and recommendations tailored to your vision. 

Take advantage of our complimentary design consultation to explore all your options, from colors and finishes to layouts and functionality.

Ready to Transform Your Home with High Sierra Cabinets

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Call us today at (775) 242-6405 and let’s create the organized, stylish space you’ve always wanted.

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