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Transform your kitchen with meticulously selected cabinet hardware, adding both functionality and style to your Reno, NV home!

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Installation.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets with new hardware is a subtle yet powerful way to add elegance and ease to your daily routine. This home improvement endeavor requires careful selection and precise installation to ensure a harmonious blend of utility and design.

At High Sierra Cabinets, we are experts in the professional installation of cabinet hardware. Our dedication lies in delivering exceptional outcomes that seamlessly integrate with your kitchen’s aesthetics, enhancing both its functionality and overall charm.

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Choose High Sierra Cabinets for Your Cabinet Hardware in Reno, NV

We are known for our swift, high-quality service, completing most projects within a short timeframe. Our expertise in cabinet hardware ensures that your kitchen looks fantastic and meets your practical needs.

Selecting High Sierra Cabinets means you’ll enjoy:

High Sierra Cabinets is your premier choice for comprehensive home improvement services, including cabinet hardware upgrades that make kitchens more beautiful and functional. Contact us today at (775) 242-6832 or visit our main page for more information.

Rave Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

High Sierra Cabinets has earned acclaim for providing outstanding cabinet hardware installations as part of our extensive home improvement services. 

Here’s what our clients are saying:


C Sunshine


Worked with Travis on our project. Polite, professional, and proficient. Qualities we look for in a company. He was with us from start to finish. Answered all of our questions in a timely manner and made us feel comfortable throughout the project. Recommend giving them a call for your next project!


Ena Develine


Awesome guy! Professionalism at its finest. Very easy to talk to, intelligible and down to earth. Has a vast variety of “handy man” skills and always open to tackle a project.

A jack of all trades. Observant and honest about handling his projects and clients with care.

Also a family man with the sweetest wife and son! Pleased to be around such dedication and hard work.

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Ready to update your kitchen with stylish cabinet hardware? Contact High Sierra Cabinets at (775) 242-6832 for top-notch installation services in Reno, NV.

Average Cabinet Hardware Installation Costs in Reno, NV

Factor Average cost per piece Average cost per kitchen (20-40 handles)
New cabinet handles $1 – $50 $20 – $1,400
Installation labor $5 – $40 $100 – $1,300
Please note these are estimated costs. Prices may vary based on your specific requirements. For a personalized quote, reach out to us at (775) 242-6832.

Factors Influencing Cabinet Hardware Costs in Reno, NV

Several factors can influence the overall cost of your custom cabinets:


Cabinet hardware prices range from $2 to $20 per piece, depending on:

You might also need to account for additional costs for installation supplies like screws and drill bits, typically around $1 to $5 per set.

Removing Old Hardware

Professionally removing old cabinet hardware may add $1 to $3 per piece to your total cost, covering the removal of existing knobs, pulls, and hinges, and preparing the surface for new hardware installation.

Quality and Brand

The durability and brand reputation of the hardware can affect the final price.

Custom Requirements

Custom-designed solutions tailored to your kitchen’s specifics might alter the cost.

FAQs about Cabinet Hardware in Reno, NV

Consider your kitchen’s style, the ease of use, and the finish that complements your cabinetry. Our team is here to help you make the best choice.
Minimal upkeep is needed, mostly cleaning and occasional tightening of screws for optimal performance.
Yes, we offer custom hardware solutions to fit your unique kitchen design and functionality needs.

These cabinets boast a rigid box and secure full top for unmatched strength, while their full-overlay, flush-fitting doors and drawers exude contemporary style. 

With no frame hindering space, you’ll enjoy enhanced organization, along with spacious drawers capable of accommodating up to 75 pounds.

Rest easy with our double protection: a 3-year workmanship warranty paired with a lifetime product warranty. Get in touch for further details!
Absolutely! Schedule a consultation to explore all your options, from designs and colors to finishes. If you’re feeling unsure, our in-house interior designer is here to assist every step of the way.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with High Sierra Cabinets

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Opting for High Sierra Cabinets for your cabinet hardware installation means enhancing your kitchen with a blend of beauty and practicality that stands the test of time.

Discover our comprehensive services, including cabinet hardware installation, by visiting our website or contacting us directly at (775) 242-6832

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