Cabinet Resurfacing in Montreux

Transform Your Kitchen with High Sierra Cabinets’ Cabinet Resurfacing Services in Montreux

Cabinet Resurfacing in Montreux

Revitalize the heart of your home with High Sierra Cabinets’ cabinet resurfacing services. This cost-effective solution breathes new life into your kitchen, updating the look and feel without the extensive costs of a full cabinet replacement. 

Our expert team specializes in cabinet resurfacing, ensuring your kitchen in Montreux reflects both modern functionality and your unique aesthetic preferences.

Backed by years of industry experience, High Sierra Cabinets is your trusted partner for cabinet design and installation services in Montreux. 

We’re dedicated to delivering personalized solutions that fit seamlessly into your home design, all while being fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

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Why Choose High Sierra Cabinets for Cabinet Resurfacing in Montreux?

Choose us for a kitchen transformation that promises:

High Sierra Cabinets is your premier choice for comprehensive home improvement services, including cabinet resurfacing. Contact us today at (775) 242-6832 or visit our main page for more information.

Our Resurfacing Portfolio: A Showcase of Transformation

Explore our gallery to see how cabinet resurfacing can completely change the look of a kitchen, embodying our commitment to quality and stylish design:


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Interested in revitalizing your kitchen cabinets? Contact High Sierra Cabinets at (775) 242-6832 for top-tier resurfacing services in Montreux.

Client Praise for Our Cabinet Resurfacing Work

Our dedication to excellence in cabinet resurfacing shines through in the testimonials from our satisfied customers:


C Sunshine


Worked with Travis on our project. Polite, professional, and proficient. Qualities we look for in a company. He was with us from start to finish. Answered all of our questions in a timely manner and made us feel comfortable throughout the project. Recommend giving them a call for your next project!


Ena Develine


Awesome guy! Professionalism at its finest. Very easy to talk to, intelligible and down to earth. Has a vast variety of “handy man” skills and always open to tackle a project.

A jack of all trades. Observant and honest about handling his projects and clients with care.

Also a family man with the sweetest wife and son! Pleased to be around such dedication and hard work.

Costs of Cabinet Resurfacing in Montreux

The cost of cabinet resurfacing can vary based on several factors, including the size of your kitchen and the materials used.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets can fit a wide range of budgets. Here’s what you can expect across different spending levels:

Costs by Material

Laminate $90 - $110 $1,350 - $2,750
Wood veneer $150 - $200 $2,250 - $5,000
Solid wood $200 - $500 $3,000 - $12,500

These figures are estimates. For a precise quote tailored to your specific kitchen, please reach out to us at (775) 242-6832.

Choosing between different types of materials for cabinet resurfacin.

Factors Affecting the Price of Cabinet Resurfacing

Material Quality

Choose from a variety of finishes and materials that impact both cost and appearance.

Scope of Resurfacing

The extent of the resurfacing work required can influence overall costs.

Hardware Upgrades

Adding new handles, knobs, or hinges can affect the final price.

Customization Level

Personalized design elements may adjust the cost.

FAQs on Cabinet Resurfacing with High Sierra Cabinets

Resurfacing updates the look of your cabinets without replacing the entire unit, offering a cost-effective way to refresh your kitchen.
Timelines can vary, but we strive to complete most projects within a few days to a week.
Absolutely! We offer a range of customization options to suit your style and needs.
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Unlock Your Kitchen's Potential: Contact High Sierra Cabinets for Resurfacing Excellence!

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Ready to revamp your kitchen? 

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Montreux, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Nevada, offers a serene setting for your home. With nearby attractions like the enchanting Lake Tahoe and vibrant Reno, Montreux is the perfect place to enhance your living space with a kitchen remodel that reflects the natural beauty and sophistication of the area.